About SETA


The transport connection from central Europe to the northern Adriatic ports and further on to the Western Balkans is of major importance for the regions in Central and South East Europe. Besides the efforts set for developing the Trans-European Networks, actions have to be defined to provide efficient connections between and to the main transport corridors. These connections are of major importance for the regions which are not directly linked to of these corridors. The SETA Corridor provides an efficient railway connection on existing tracks between Central Europe and the North Adriatic Ports connecting Rail Network Europe (RNE) Corridors 7, 8, 10 and 11.
Upgrading of international accessibility is highly connected with increasing inner-regional connectivity, but also with very important new hinterland connection of the Northern Adriatic ports Koper and the only Adriatic deepwater harbor Rijeka. The establishment of the upgraded TEN-Axes 17, 18, 22, 23, 25 (as well as the planned possible enlargement of Russian broad gauge railway) find their intersection in the Vienna/Bratislava region and build a transnational hub in this region. SETA Corridor is the interconnection between this transnational hub and the Balkan countries respectively the Northern Adriatic ports of Rijeka and Koper as well as the corridors to Eastern Germany.

SETA will focus on upgrading of already existing rail infrastructure (with moderate investment costs) and the connection to all other means of transport. Compared to the previous project SIC!, were basic studies on the feasibility and impact of the corridor have been carried out, SETA will provide the project partners with information and data (on the level of single development measures), which they need in order to start negotiations with international financing institutions.

As SETA is not the only project dealing with the development of the transport system, cooperation between existing projects and initiatives dealing with similar topics (either spatial or thematical) is the ALPINE Space project PARAmount. The budget reserved for these cooperation activities will ensure the exchange of data, information and expert knowledge (e.g. SETA transport demand model taking into account data already elaborated in the projects SoNora, BATCo, SEETAC).