Platform of Regions (PoR)


Common interest in the development of the transport corridor from Vienna/Bratislava to the Northern Adriatic Sea ports is crucial for the implementation of necessary measures in the improvement of accessibility and logistic workflows in the region. The Platform of Regions is aiming at bringing together all additional relevant stakeholders necessary to successfully implement the planned activities in the proposed time frame. Therefore the PoR is the interface between the project and its environment. The project environment is defined by the project area and the thematic objectives of the project.


The PoR is aiming at:

  • Bringing together those stakeholders, who are necessary for the successful implementation of the project activities and the operation of the developed services after the end of the project
  • Capitalizing the know-how of those stakeholders in order to reach the project goals with efficient and innovative solutions
  • Raising awareness about the necessity to develop the SETA corridor as the missing link between the foreseen major transport corridors - beyond the project partnership


The PoR offers two possibilities for transnational cooperation

  • Transnational Dialogue Groups (TDG) covering the topics Region/Infrastructure, Economy and Politics
  • Transnational Project Cooperation (TPC) fostering the cooperation between spatially and thematically related European projects